Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Nail polish collection.

I am very new to blogger, so i will try to put you all in the picture on wthat i have collected over 7 years.
As a child i always loved it when my mum did her nails.
as i grew older I found it very hard to grow and keep long nails.
I tried and tried for about 10 years to finally have some nails to paint.They are long for me LOL

Here are some pictures.

First here are nail varnishes

And here are my two ways nail art polishes.

I will put a more details pictures on later.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Some of my nail arts

Samples of my work for the display at work.

Trying out my new Bundle Monster image plates.
This one is MB 205.
Keep checking on my blog I will post more about other image plates maybe some tutorial when I figured how to do it.

Here are my Flowers Garden that i am wearing right now.

Base colour I used VIVO : Icing
Design Bundle Monster image plate BM 205
Filled in the flowers Hot pink, Neon Orange, Yellow, Metalic Teal, and Aubergine.
Finally dotted the middle of the flowers with silver Glitter.
Added tp coat nd here they are. hope you like them.

The blue gingham nail
Started with a base coat
2 coats of french white
add vertical stripes
add horizontal stripes
and dot dark blue varnish on to where stripe crossed over.
add top coat and you are done.
hope you all like this.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hi every body

Hi this my first time using blogspot. I will be posting my nail art tutorial very soon. Hope to see you all then bye for now.